Value Labels

If you recall our sample data set there are cartoon characters from various movies. Notice that some of the cartoon characters are "animals" (for example, Bugs Bunny) and some are human (for example, Mad Hatter). We eventually want to test the difference between "animals" and "humans" on the fake data. Consequently, we need to identify these two groups. Further, we would like to have a label that identifies each "subject" as either "animal" or "human." The next graphic shows that we have already entered the name as group, the type as numeric and we are ready to give value labels to the group numbers. We are going to give the animals the value of 1 and the humans the value of 2. We will then identify a 1 as animal and 2 as human using Value Labels. [ Value Label ] Click on the column values as shown in the graphic

…and the next screen appears (I typed in 1 in the Value box and animal in the Value label):

Click on Add and the small window fills in as indicated in the next graphic.

Fill in the window as follows and then click OK.

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