A Data Sample of Fictitious Responses of Cartoon Characters


A Data Sample

The following section contains an example that demonstrates the basic elements of using the SPSS computer program.
Information is presented in a multimedia format. Often the same material is presented in two or three mediums. In almost all instances it will be written. If it is presented in another format there will be a highlighted word or button indicating the alternative format.

It is an example that you should work through in detail. This section can also be used as reference for future start-ups. For this example, data obtained from the two following questionnaires will be used.

The questionnaire on the next page is used in this example. Ten questionnaires fictitiously completed can be found in file AnimalvsHuman using this questionnaire.

The fake data from that questionnaire has been entered into the SPSS data editor and is as follows:




The following are examples of tests taken.  These are fake tests by cartoon characters.

A Data Sample of Fictitious Responses of Cartoon Characters